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About the Challenge

YHC’s Class Scholarship Challenge (CSC) came about when alumni representatives from each class — known as Class Coordinators — expressed the desire to do more for their alma mater. Many alumni were able to attend YHC because someone cared enough to provide them with financial assistance. The CSC is an easy and fun way to pay it forward while enjoying a little friendly competition between the classes.

Each class is encouraged to raise $1,000 or more through this grassroots challenge benefiting student scholarships. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. There is power in numbers — if 100 members of your class give $10 each, your class goal is met and you have helped a deserving student attend YHC.

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Donor Messages

Give now and show your fellow alumni what this cause means to you.

John Dalton Class of 1976:

"Wow -- it's hard to believe we graduated YHC 41 years ago! Wonderful experiences and GREAT memories! "

Pamela Russo Class of 1981:

"My dearest friends are the Phi Delta sisters I am still in touch with today - and all the wonderful people I met through the music program, the poli sci club, on and on! What a special time and a special place! "

Jerry Waller Class of 1969:

"It means great memories of a time and place that brought great value to my life."

Austin Freeman Class of 2012:

"YHC gave me a solid foundation that has allowed me to pursue my dreams. I found my passion there and my heart still lives in the Enchanted Valley. I'm proud to give back to my home in the mountains."

Tommy Drake Class of 1982:

"This project has accomplished a number of things, we have a great reason to keep in contact with our classmates in a consistent manner, we have friendly competition between classes and Class Coordinators, and we support YHC students."

Leslie DeMore Frierson Class of 1999:

"I know the availability of scholarships and financial aid weighs heavily on a student’s college choice. Giving to the Class Scholarship Challenge is a way to ensure my gifts directly assist a student with academic expenses."

Rudy Harrell Class of 1971:

"YHC contributed greatly to my development, and I want to help other students have the same opportunity I had. The Class Scholarship Challenge is just one of the ways I can give back."

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